AERONCA SEDAN          15AC-134          N1118H


Aeronca Sedan N1118H Project is for sale, as is, and is located in Shelton, WA. This Sedan was expertly modified, recovered and restored most recently in July 1997. Seaplane doors of clear lexan which lift to open using gas cylinders were installed at that time. In July 1992, the original Continental engine was replaced with an overhauled Lycoming IO360 converted to a Lycoming O360-A1A, and a constant speed propellor was installed. The wings are metal, and metal fuel tanks were installed in 1992. The log books are complete and excellent. All modifications have been done with all necessary documentation, STCs and approvals. The covering (1997) is Polyfiber covering and it was applied according to manufacturer and FAA approved methods. The owner of this aircraft owned an aircraft supply and avionics shop, and all the parts and hardware installed were of high quality and aircraft certified.

The aircraft was water-looped in September 2007, resulting in damage to the floats, float supports, and the right wing tip. Damage is documented in the following pictures.

Contact: Bill Morris or

              Karen Sandberg


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Asking $45,000 USD AS IS


This is the BEFORE photo of the Aeronca Sedan Floatplane N1118H on the beach at Ealue Lake near Spatsizi Provincial Park, BC.

Lycoming O360 A1A installed 1992. Hartzell HC-C2YK-1B constant speed Propellor was installed 1996. Propellor damper in 2000. At time of accident, engine was briefly underwater in fresh water. It was immediately drained, flushed, and filled with engine oil.
Windshield was new in 1997, and was just slightly damaged in the accident.
Instrument panel was modified to vertical position, and it is a one piece aluminum panel. It has a three-way fuel valve - left, right and both. It has AT-150 transponder, ICA-200 Comm radio, ARNAV Loran, 4-place intercom, modern circuit breakers and toggle switches, and manifold pressure gauge.
Seaplane doors are lexan and have gas cylinder supports for convenient opening.
There is no cosmetic or structural damage to the tail components. The float damage is partly shown here.
Right side of tail structure.

Right float took the most damage.

New Edo 2000 floats are now available at Kenmore Air Harbor, Seattle, WA. All Sedan fittings, and struts are also available from them at very reasonable prices.

Left float damage.
Left float nose bumper was lost. Right float bumper is intact.
Both floats are possibly repairable. New Sedan fittings and struts are available.
Water rudders are intact. New diagonal braces wires will be needed.
Right wing tip damage outboard of the last rib. The left wing is standing behind - it was not damaged. Metal fuel tanks were installed in 1992.
Right wing tip damage.
Right wing damage at the fuselage trailing edge. No damage is shown on the left wing behind the right wing. Repair kits are available for this repair.
Fuselage end of wings.
There is only slight damage to the upper and lower fiberglass cowlings.
Propeller does not appear to be bent.
Exhaust system appears to be undamaged.
The seats are Piper Cherokee seats and seat rails. Seats were completely reupholstered and covered with heavy black vinyl. Headliner is new vinyl custom fabricated by upholstery shop according to original headliner pattern. The rear seat is hammock style. There is a fishing pole tube in the center of the fuselage. All of these modifications are completely approved.
Another view of the seaplane doors in open configuration showing the gas cylinders.
New float struts will be required. They are available from Kenmore Air Harbor, Seattle, WA.
New rear fuselage float attachments will be required.
Lower fuselage, right side.
Lower fuselage, left side.
Lycoming O360-A1A
Closer view of tail.
Miscellaneous fairings and float supports.
Left side float attach point.
Left side wing attach point.
Right side wing attach point.